• On a site covering 100 hectares, with a seafront of 2 Km of virgin beach, in a private condominium
  • 1 Km from the Tróia Resort Golf Course
  • 3 km from the Marina and from Tróia Resort Casino
  • 10 km from the future Comporta golf courses
  • 82 exclusive Detached Houses of 200 to 300m3 in plots with 1,000 to 2,500 m2
  • 35 Semi-Detached Houses / Townhouses
  • Beach Hotel & Suites with 150 apartments
Roaz Tursiops truncatus
The Sado Estuary is known by the natural habitat of the dolphins ( Bottlenose dolphins ) , in particular by the resident population that feed , rest and socialize in these waters.
Tróia Resort
Tróia Resort Tróia Resort


Tróia is a paradise that combines charm and the preservation of nature in a sustainable balance with leisure activities for the family.
Less than one hour away from Lisbon, Tróia is a peninsula surrounded by three natural parks with the sea, beach and mountains enhanced in perfect combination.
With vast sandy shores and transparent sea, it enjoys the tranquillity of a haven safeguarded from the pressure of tourism.

In balance with and respect for the environment, you can enjoy a series of activities ranging from sport to culture, including the region’s excellent gastronomy. With Tróia Marina and the Golf Courses, the Casino Tróia Resort and plenty of restaurants to choose from there is always a good reason to experience Tróia.